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N&O features NC State Career Coach John Hutchings

By Christine Ferrell

The following text is pulled directly from NC State Jenkins MBA AssociateDean Steve Allen’s blog:

Today’s Raleigh News & Observer has a long story providing advice about how to work a job fair. The first person quoted and the person who appeared to be quoted the most (because he is THE expert) is our own John Hutchings, associate director of career development in the NC State Jenkins MBA.

Career development support is a key difference between a good MBA program and a great one. Most MBA programs for part-time students provide little, if any, of this support. John has been with NC State’s MBA program for six years and he has become the go-to guy for career advice for working professional MBAs.

Going to a career fair soon? John has the following pointers:

  • Research carefully the companies you are interested in. Don’t just look at the web page; use Linked In to network with employees.
  • Dress professionally, even if the interviewers are wearing polo shirts.
  • Tailor your resume for each company that you are excited about contacting.

Read the full N&O article, which includes information aboutĀ the NCTA Come TECH Out Career Fair.

Read Dean Steve Allen’s blog.

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