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NC State Poole College Announces 2018 McLauchlan Fellows

The NC State Poole College of Management announces the 2018 cohort of Jenkins MBA students selected as McLauchlan Leadership Fellows for the 2017-18 academic year.

The new McLauchlan Fellows will complete the McLauchlan Leadership Series during the spring 2018 semester. This competitive premier leadership development program enables Jenkins MBA students to build their networks, receive executive coaching and master the fundamentals of personal, team and organizational leadership through three two-day sessions led primarily by NC State faculty.

“Organizations need great leadership, and employers hiring our students consistently tell us leadership skills are among the most highly sought-after characteristics they look for in candidates,” said Annette L. Ranft, Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. chair and dean of Poole College. She was speaking at the November 17 networking reception where the new cohort was introduced to Russ and Cara McLauchlan, whose generous gift to the college established the leadership program in 2015.

The McLauchlan Leadership Series “directly supports our mission to develop creative, analytical leaders who can do great work in our data-rich, dynamic world,” Ranft said.

Meet the 2018 McLauchlan Leadership Fellows in the NC State Jenkins MBA program.
Meet the 2018 McLauchlan Leadership Fellows in the NC State Jenkins MBA program.

The 26 new McLauchlan Fellows, selected from more than 53 applicants in the Jenkins MBA program’s full-time, evening and online programs, bring a wide range of prior experience to the program, including military service, Fortune 500 companies and various industry sectors, including agriculture, banking, biopharmaceuticals, consulting, energy, and information technology.

The networking event provided the new fellows an opportunity to talk with the McLauchlans, alumni of the program, members of the Poole College Advisory Board, as well as other new McLauchlan Fellows and their family members.

In welcoming the new fellows, Russ McLauchlan said previous participants have commented that they knew they were moving out of their comfort zones when they entered the program, and their involvement has “made a difference” in their lives. “Things need to get done,” McLauchlan said, and “people who participated in the program learned to tap the strengths of the team to make things happen.”

Leigh Shamblin, professor of practice at Poole College and director of the McLauchlan Leadership Series, said, “This a great program, and we’re so grateful to the McLauchlans. We appreciate their generosity and their faith in us. This program is a great opportunity for the students to focus now on who they are and who they want to be in their lives and careers when they graduate,” Shamblin said.

Following are the 2017-18 McLauchlan Leadership Fellows.

  • William Barber, Online
  • Jim Barnes, Part-time
  • Neil Bhagat, Online
  • Andrew Bowker, Full-time, first year
  • Stacy Bradfield, Online
  • Sheron Branham, Part-time
  • Stephanie Carter, Part-time
  • Brandon Champion, Part-time
  • Jean Charlton, Online
  • Afrouz Fetanat. Full-time, second year
  • Adam Fisher, Full-time, second year
  • Edwin Gonzalez, Full-time, second year
  • Frederick Hersey, Online
  • Ginger Jordan, Online
  • Brian Karp, Online
  • Anjanie Kashidas, Part-time
  • Benjamin Leto, Part-time
  • Heather O’Connor, Part-time
  • Matt Nance, Full-Time, first year
  • Geet Rawat, Part-time
  • Turquiose Ross, Part-time
  • Ryan Roth, Part-time
  • Elizabeth Singley, Online
  • Winnona Swayze, Part-time
  • Matthew Vernon, Online
  • Jessica Zappulla, Full-time, second year

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