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The NC State Jenkins MBA: A Great Investment in Your Future

When you’re ready to invest in yourself by furthering your management education, you would be hard pressed to make a better investment than the NC State Jenkins MBA. But don’t just take our word for it: read about the program’s national rankings and listen to the words of current students.

As noted by The Princeton Review, “a higher return on investment (ROI) sooner means many MBA grads won’t be bogged down by heavy debt. This gives graduates more flexibility and mobility in their decisions. Essentially, they can start reaping the fruits of their labor sooner.”

NC State Jenkins MBA Rankings

Great opportunities at a lower price

This summer, Jenkins full-time MBA student Dana Jennings ’19 is interning as a consumer associate at Bank of America, alongside MBA students from top schools around the country. “I am getting the same work experience and salary as my colleagues but the price tag is a fraction of the cost of theirs,” says Jennings. “The price tag (for the degree) is amazing.”

Will Morrison ’19, also studying in the full-time MBA program, agrees. “The cost of the MBA is fairly low when you look at (NC State Jenkins School’s) competitive set,” he says. Morrison, a logistician in the United States Navy Supply Corp, was one of six naval officers chosen last year to attend a civilian university for an MBA. “My counterparts are at Harvard, Duke, Texas A&M, Georgetown and Notre Dame,” he says. “The practical application aspect that comes with (Jenkins’) coursework and practicum better prepares our students to hit the ground running when they enter the workforce.”

Amanda Savas, an accountant in the NC State College of Engineering’s Dean’s Office, expects to receive her MBA in spring 2019 from the professional evening program. Even before earning her degree, she is reaping its benefits. “Since starting the program, I’ve transitioned to a position with an increased level of responsibility within my organization,” says Savas. “This is the perfect position in which to apply what I’m learning in the MBA program and continue to grow from there.”

Tailor fit your education

Professional evening program student Rita Rodriguez-Davies, a career specialty representative in the pharmaceutical industry, knew that she wanted an MBA program that wasn’t generic. “It was vital I choose a school with courses relevant to my profession and industry,” she says. “I was thrilled to learn that NC State has a business degree that is not only affordable but relevant to the biosciences industry.”

Jenkins’ world-class supply chain management program helped Morrison choose the program. “I did some additional research about MBA supply chain management which leaned heavily in my decision making,” he says. “The individualized education and practical experience help students get a good paying job after graduation.”

Small size, big impact

“The Jenkins program is young yet the faculty comes from the top tier,” says Morrison. “I want to be part of a community that is constantly changing, growing and evolving. That gives me a chance to distinguish myself as an alumnus and help shape the program.”

Rodriguez-Davies says that the individual attention and strong academics of the program enable her to apply the course materials immediately to her professional work. “Jenkins gives me the confidence to pursue my work goals with the knowledge that I am well-prepared to face any challenge,” she says.

“With only 50 of us in our graduating class, we each know everybody and are like a family,” says Jennings. “If you’re looking for a place where you can really get to know your classmates and have the opportunities to get involved in many different things, if you like to be innovative and like to think and do, then NC State is the place for you.”

— Written for the NC State Poole College of Management by Michele Lynn

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