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Reflections from 2019 McLauchlan Fellows

The McLauchlan Leadership Series is a leadership development program designed to support professional, graduate-level leadership education through experiential learning. McLauchlan Fellows have unique access to corporate executives and community leaders throughout the series. Fellows build their professional network and experience unique coaching and leadership development to further career growth.

The 2019 McLauchlan Fellows, chosen last semester, are meeting regularly to develop personal and professional leadership skills. We caught up with some of the fellows last month and asked that they share some of their reflections of the program experience.


Prasad Karkhanis
Professional Evening MBA
Senior Business Analyst, OIT
North Carolina State University

” One of the most important things I have learned and have been able to see in action myself, is how good leadership comes from within. I have started to understand the power of thinking and believing in myself and my own abilities. I know how to affect positive change by doing things not just for myself, but for any team/organization I’m involved with, as well as the broader community as a whole. Knowing when to do what, and how to react differently to different situations as they occur has also a big take-away for me from the first session of the series and one that I’m definitely looking to apply more when I can.”



Snigdha Kotta
Professional Evening MBA
Cloud Management Engineer, SAS

“Exciting, energetic, and engaging. Those are three words I’d use to describe the first session of the McLauchlan Leadership Series. On the first day, I had the opportunity to learn about energy management, meet with my professional coach, and enjoy getting to know the other McLauchlan Fellows.¬†The storytelling workshop was my favorite part of the first session. We were given so many techniques to make an impact in any conversation, whether it be an interview or a presentation. I’m looking forward to apply this newly gained knowledge into my professional career as well as my personal life! ”



Dana Lanner
Full-time MBA

“I had the honor of spending a day and a half with a group of people who inspired me and taught
me so much about being a more impactful leader and about myself as a person, even in just that short
period of time. I know that I am learning as much from my peers as I am from the instructors and that
many of these relationships will be lifelong. The experiences we have shared together and the tools our coach and instructors provide to us have been transformative. I walked out of our session on energy leadership feeling like everything that I knew from a personal growth aspect was even more entwined in . being an effective leader than I realized; that it really is about the energy you bring with you as a person and as a leader.”