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Gartner Ranks NC State Jenkins MBA No. 10 in Supply Chain

The NC State Poole College of Management’s Jenkins MBA supply chain management program rose five places to No. 10 in Gartner Research’s 2020 ranking of graduate supply chain programs in North America.

Several key trends among top-ranked programs in the Gartner report include: 

  • Universities are broadening their supply chain curricula to reflect the reality of today’s supply chain organizations. NC State engages top corporate partners to develop projects across a wide variety of different areas, including market intelligence, logistics, inventory, value stream mapping, cost management, supply management, transportation, performance metrics, and others.
  • Students are increasingly participating in applied project work—through internships and co-ops—often for sponsoring companies — on-site and in the classroom.
  • Supply chain management programs consist of a diverse student population and are growing in enrollment. NC State realizes the importance of a diverse student population and continues enrolling top-qualified candidates in MBA and undergraduate management programs.

The NC State Graduate Program ranking is a function of the remarkable teamwork and efforts of our faculty, our executive faculty advisors, our MBA and undergraduate placement office, and the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) and staff.  We also recognize the tremendous contributions of the SCRC partners, who have worked with our students to complete supply chain projects that have given them the real-world experience that is such an important component of the NC State environment,” said Robert Handfield, executive director of the SCRC at Poole College.  

“Our progress in the rankings every year has culminated in this top ten ranking, but we recognize that we need to continue to improve our program further to stay there. Our best advertising are our graduates who are out there making a difference in supply chains all over the world,” Handfield said.

Additional information about the Gartner ranking can be found in the full report, which may be accessed by registering on the Gartner website.

For more information about the NC State Jenkins MBA supply chain program view the MBA supply chain concentration website and the NC State SCRC website.