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Poole College of Management Recognizes Faculty and Staff Accomplishments in October

The monthly accomplishments series celebrates the achievements of our faculty and staff in and outside of the Poole College of Management. Faculty and staff are still hard at work as the college comes closer to the end of our virtual semester.

  • Joseph Brazel, professor of accounting, was named an editor of Accounting Horizons, one of three association-wide publications of the American Accounting Association.
  • Scott Showalter, director of the Jenkins MAC program and professor of practice, was a panelist for the American Accounting Association webinar series on accounting research and education held on October 15. He was among colleagues from the University of Texas at Austin, Kennesaw State University and Deloitte UK to share ideas about strategies and topics with potential for having an impact on policy and practice in accounting.
  • On October 21, Lewis Sheats, assistant vice provost of entrepreneurship and executive director of the Entrepreneurship Clinic, led a panel discussion and presented “Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset in An Ever-changing Economy” at the ACEC/NC NCDOT Joint Transportation Conference. 
  • Stacy Wood, professor of marketing, had a busy month presenting research with NASCAR on October 1, Washington University’s Department of Marketing on October 2, the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy on October 14 and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on October 23. She also served as a panelist for the Association for Consumer Research presenting “Consumer Healthcare and Medical Decision-Making” on October 3. 
  • Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management and executive director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, presented at the Global Trade Professionals Alliance APEC Conference on building resilient supply chains in APEC. He also presented at the Supply Chain Canada Saskatchewan webinar on healthcare lessons learned from the COVID crisis.
  • Mark Beasley, professor of accounting and director of the ERM Initiative, is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the American Accounting Association, which is the largest association of accounting researchers and educators in the world. In his role as vice president of finance, Beasley is also serving on the AAA’s audit committee, management team, and finance committee.
  • On October 30, Nathan Goldman’s co-authored paper “Have Critical Audit Matter Disclosures Indirectly Benefitted Investors by Constraining Earnings Management? Evidence from Tax Accounts” was presented at the 2020 PCAOB Conference on auditing and capital markets. Goldman was also awarded the Best Reviewer Award for the Hawaii Accounting Research Conference 2021. 

This post was originally published in Poole College of Management News.

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