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Heather Dretsch Examines How Gen Alpha Differs From Gen Z and Why It Matters

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In an article on The 360 Blog by Salesforce, marketing expert Heather Dretsch explains how marketers can connect with Gen Alpha, how this generation differs from Gen Z, and why that contrast matters.

Dretsch, assistant professor of marketing in Poole College, brings her unique perspective as a Gen Alpha expert to the story, teaming with Mark McCrindle, the social researcher who coined the term. They dive deep into what makes Gen Alpha who they are and how marketers can build relationships with them.

In one segment of the article, Dretsch cautions that the prevailing thought that Gen Alpha is “all YouTube and TikTok” may be misguided: “I think that this age of micro-influencers that has consumed millennials and sort of made its way into Gen Z is not going to affect Gen Alpha in the same way,” she says.

Read more on The 360 Blog.

This post was originally published in Poole Thought Leadership.