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Academic Policies and Procedures

Highlighted below are many of the relevant policies, but we encourage students to visit the respective websites for further clarification.

Registration Policies

Students should consult with their advisor regarding scheduling issues or with requests for approval. Potential questions may involve adding a course in a different format, following an alternate sequence, overload requests, etc.

Students requesting to add a class after the deadline will first need the instructor’s permission. Please email your instructor’s approval to your advisor, who will then assist you in completing the registration approval.

As per university policy, the request to make schedule adjustments past the university deadline is only available to students in extenuating circumstances. Students should consult the academic calendar for specific deadlines for adding or dropping classes. ALL MBA CLASSES FOLLOW THE SAME DEADLINES REGARDLESS OF ACTUAL START DATE. Students with extenuating circumstances should contact their advisor.

The continuous registration policy states, you must be registered or on an approved leave of absence every fall and spring semester (this policy does not apply to the summer); otherwise, the Graduate School will terminate your graduate program enrollment. If you intend to take a leave of absence, please contact your academic advisor.

Please contact your academic advisor to discuss your leave eligibility as well as the forms needed to process your request. You should submit your request no later than one month before the beginning of the semester. Leaves are not guaranteed. The Dean of the Graduate School will approve all decisions.

Returning from a Leave of Absence: If you are returning from a leave of absence, contact your academic advisor to confirm your re-enrollment date.

Please contact your academic advisor to discuss your options before you withdraw from the program. If you decide to withdraw from the program, you should follow the withdrawal process, which includes providing a written explanation of your withdrawal.

Students wishing to withdraw from the semester or program once the semester has started will need to follow the graduate school policy

  1. Consult with your advisor about your plan and the implications on your progress.
  2. Request a withdrawal through MyPack Portal. Registration and Records will process your request.

**Note: Students requesting a withdrawal after the official drop period (see dates on the academic calendar) will need to provide documentation of hardship or extenuating circumstances.

Curriculum Policies

All graduate students are required to submit a Plan of Work to the Graduate School. A Plan of Work is a contract between the student, their program, and the Graduate School regarding what classes will meet the requirements for completing the program. MBA students should consult with their advisors when creating a plan of work.

Deadlines for Plan of Work Submission:

Full-time Students – March Year One

Professional and Online Students – Completion of 20 credit hours

Students who do not submit their Plan of Work by the deadline will have an advising hold on their account during the next registration period. For more information on the Plan of Work requirements, please reference the Graduate School Policy.

Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor if you receive an academic warning or on academic probation. Work with your advisor to develop an academic improvement plan that will help you meet your goals and academic standing. Please review The Graduate School policies about Academic Difficulty before your meeting with your advisor.

Students enrolling with possible transfer credit(s) should meet with their advisor in their first semester to discuss the transferring course and MBA program requirements.

Students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Official transcripts should be on file with the Graduate School.
  2. B or better in the requested course(s).
  3. You must have taken the course(s) within six years of the graduation date from the MBA Program.
  4. You must have taken from another AACSB accredited MBA Program.
  5. You must be enrolled in the professional evening/online program. Transfer credits are not accepted for the full-time program.

If you meet these qualifications, you may submit the Transfer Credit Petition, and your advisor will evaluate your request.

Course waivers may be an option for students who do not meet the transfer credit(s) qualifications but believe they have met the learning objectives of the required MBA class. Students should talk with their advisor for clarification on how a course waiver may impact their intended curriculum plan. 

For more information on course waivers and to submit a request for course waiver consideration, please visit the Course Waiver Petition Form.

Tuition Policies

If you register after the deadline, you are required to pay a late fee in addition to your tuition. All of which you must pay in advance of registering. 

Please pay all tuition and fees on time. Failure to do so will result in the cancelation of your course schedule. 

Please note that employer reimbursements are now considered taxable income. You can find details about tuition rates for Main Campus, RTP, and Online programs here.

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