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Supply Chain Management

Today’s supply chain management industry requires professionals who can integrate and optimize all the necessary steps to produce the right amount of the right product or service and deliver it to the end-user at the right time.


The Supply Chain Management courses examine managing processes involved in the creation of any product or service, from raw materials to the customer, and even following the sale. 

You’ll come to understand the components of the process, including:

  • The flow of information. 
  • How each department within an industry must work together to be successful.
  • How to analytically approach complicated situations in the supply chain process and make decisions for success.
  • And how to organize sourcing processes, negotiate contracts, evaluate options, analyze a process, service or production process, and design and deliver a network.

Students regularly interact with real-world companies, meeting with company representatives, mock interviews, and presentations at conferences. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to share their industry experience with future employers.

Graduates who focus on supply chain management may go into traditional roles such as supply chain analyst and project manager positions, but find that they can quickly advance into a management position. 

Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) provides resources to support the efforts of students, faculty, and professionals with focused, concise, and unbiased information on supply chain management topics. The largest culminating event is the SCRC Gallery Walk, where supply chain professionals from more than 20 companies gather.


Full-time MBA Concentration

MBA 549: Supply Chain Practicum (3hrs) *P
Electives (Select nine credit hours from the following)
MBA 541: Supply Management (3hrs)
MBA 542: Supply Chain Logistics (3hrs)
MBA 543: Planning and Control Systems (3hrs)
MBA 544: Operations Analysis (3hrs)
MBA 545: Decision Making Under Uncertainty (3hrs)
(formerly MBA 590: Decision Modeling and Analytics)
MBA 546: Strategic Operations Management (3hrs)
MBA 548: Analytical Supply Chain Management (Formerly MBA 590) (3hrs)
MBA 553: Business Process Design and Analysis (3hrs)
MBA 590: Process Management (1hr)
MBA 590: Sustainable Operations Management (1hr)

Practicum courses are marked with *P

Student Insight

A Day in the Life: Lindsay Schilleman, MBA’17

Lindsay Schilleman is a 2017 NC State Jenkins MBA alumna, and Supply Chain Analyst at VF Corp. Lindsay shares why she chose supply chain as a field of study at NC State, the perks of working in the supply chain, and what’s necessary to be successful in her industry.