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Business Analytics Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics helps to develop management professionals who are skilled in big data analysis and decision-making.


This certificate program provides management professionals with advanced skills and techniques to address both specific and industry-wide business problems. 

Students must complete 12 credit hours to earn a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, which currently includes the courses listed below.

  • Prerequisite Courses:
  • MBA 506 Data-Driven Managerial Decisions 1 (1 hr)
  • MBA 507 Data-Driven Managerial Decisions 2 (1 hr)

Required Courses: (9 hours)

  • MBA 551 Predictive Analytics for Business and Big Data (3 hrs)
  • MBA 552 Data Engineering, Management, and Warehousing for Business (3 hrs)
  • Required Practicum (3 hrs) – two options available:
    • Option A: MBA 559 Business Analytics Practicum
    • Option B: One of the following subjects with Director approval:
      • MBA 519 Enterprise Risk Management Practicum
      • MBA 524 Equity Valuation
      • MBA 549 Supply Chain Management Practicum
      • MBA 589 Jenkins Consulting Practicum

Three hours of elective courses selected from the following list:

  • ECG 561 Applied Econometrics I (3 hrs)
  • ECG 562 Applied Econometrics II (3 hrs)
  • MBA 545 Decision Making under Uncertainty (3 hrs)
  • MBA 548 Analytical Supply Chain Management (3 hrs)
  • MBA 565 Marketing Analytics (3 hrs)
  • MBA 566 Digital Marketing (3 hrs)
  • MBA 590 Innovation and the IoT Marketplace (3 hrs)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must achieve a grade of B- or better (a cumulative 3.0 GPA) to earn academic credit toward the certificate. 
  • No transfer credits or course substitutions are accepted for this program. 
  • Students must complete certification courses within four years of starting the program to count toward the certificate requirements. 
  • Students can complete certificate courses during the in-person evening session or online.
  • Current graduate students at NC State may not dual enroll into this certificate (exception – Jenkins MBA students).

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