Decision Analytics Certificate

The Decision Analytics Certificate helps to develop management professionals who are skilled in big data analysis and decision-making.

Please note that the Poole College of Management issues this certificate, as the NC State University Graduate School does not formally recognize the Decisions Analytics Certificate program. Student transcripts will not make a note of the certification.



This certificate program provides management professionals with advanced skills and techniques to address both specific and industry-wide business problems. 

Students must complete 9 credit hours to earn a Decisions Analytic Certificate, which currently includes the courses listed below. 


  • MBA 551 Predictive Analytics for Business and Big Data (Formerly MBA 590 Statistics for Business Analytics) (3 hrs)

Note: this is a prerequisite for MBA 559 Business Analytics Practicum (Formerly MBA 590: Decision Analytics Practicum)

Must choose one course from Option A or Option B

Option A

  • MBA 519 Enterprise Risk Management Practicum* (3 hrs)
  • MBA 549 Supply Chain Management Practicum* (3 hrs)
  • MBA 559 Business Analytics Practicum (Formerly MBA 590: Decision Analytics Practicum) (3 hrs)

* Faculty must certify all projects done outside of MBA 559 Business Analytics Practicum.

Option B

  • MBA 545 Decision Analysis Under Uncertainty (3 hrs)

Electives: Student must choose one from the list below OR another course from Option A or Option B.

  • MBA 511 Data Privacy and Security (formerly called “Networking Infrastructure for E-Commerce”) (3 hrs)
  • MBA 521 Advanced Corporate Finance (3 hrs)
  • MBA 553 Business Process Design and Analysis (3 hrs)
  • MBA 562 Research Methods in Marketing (3 hrs)
  • MBA 565 Marketing Analytics (Formerly MBA 590) (3 hrs)
  • MBA 566 Digital Marketing (Formerly MBA 590) (3 hrs)
  • MBA 590 Healthcare Supply Chain Analytics (3 hrs)

Eligibility and Admissions

  • A minimum of a 3.0 GPA (cumulative) across all certificate-counting classes.
  • All students enrolled in the Jenkins Graduate School of Management are eligible to earn the Decision Analytics Certificate. Jenkins alumni may also be able to register as space becomes available.

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