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Business Analytics Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics helps to develop management professionals who are skilled in big data analysis and decision-making.


This certificate program provides management professionals with advanced skills and techniques to address both specific and industry-wide business problems. 

Students must complete 14 credit hours to earn a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytic, which currently includes the courses listed below. For those students enrolled in the Poole College Jenkins MBA as well, two (2) credit hours are duplicated, so these students only need to complete 12 additional credit hours to complete the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.

Required (11 hours)

  • MBA 506 Data-Driven Managerial Decisions 1 (1 hr.)
  • MBA 507 Data-Driven Managerial Decisions 1 (1 hr.)
  • MBA 551 Predictive Analytics for Business and Big Data (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 552 Data Engineering, Management, and Warehousing for Business (3 hrs.)
  • Required Practicum (3 hrs.)-two options:
    • Option A: MBA 559 Business Analytics Practicum
    • Option B: One of the following subjects with Director approval:
      • MBA 519 Enterprise Risk Management Practicum
      • MBA 524 Equity Valuation
      • MBA 549 Supply Chain Management Practicum
      • MBA 589 Jenkins Consulting Practicum

Electives: Three hours of elective courses selected from the following list:

  • ECG 561 Applied Econometrics I (3 hrs.)
  • ECG 562 Applied Econometrics II (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 545 Decision Making under Uncertainty (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 590 Digital Marketing (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 590 Marketing Analytics (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 590 Analytical Supply Chain Management (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 590 Innovation and the IoT Marketplace (3 hrs.)

Eligibility, Admissions, and Participation Standards

Graduate students in Poole College of Management must be in good standing and must submit an application to the certificate program that will be reviewed and approved by the coordinator.  

Students not attending NC State must have completed a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. It is open to all majors.  Evidence of strong quantitative skills will be a factor in admissions decisions. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in undergraduate and graduate work combined is required for admission to the program.  Those with less than a 3.0 may be admitted provisionally.  Provisionally admitted students must initially take MBA 506 and 507 and earn a grade of B (3.0) or better in both. Because this is a premium tuition program, it will not be available to graduate students at NC State outside the Poole College of Management. 

Students must complete the required credit hours with an aggregate GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Credit toward the certificate in a particular course will be given only if a grade of B- or better is given in the course.  All courses in the program must be taken for a letter grade.  No transfer credits will be accepted in the program, and it must be completed within three years.

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