Decision Analytics Certificate

Offered to current Jenkins graduate management students, the decision analytics certificate helps to develop management professionals who can understand and apply big data analysis to make meaningful decisions. This recognition is awarded by the Poole College of Management.



Courses in this certificate program are designed to provide advanced skills and techniques that can be applied to discipline specific and more general business problems. The certificate will be issued by the Jenkins Graduate School within the Poole College of Management and signed by the college’s associate dean for graduate programs and research. This certificate program is not formally recognized by the NC State University Graduate School and will not be noted as such on your official transcript.

A minimum 3.0 GPA (cumulative) is required across all certificate-counting classes.

Students earn the certificate by completing a total of 9 credit hours of courses in Decision Analytics.


  • MBA 590 Statistics for Business Analytics (3hrs)

    Note: this is a prerequisite for MBA 590 Decision Analytics Practicum

Must choose one course from Option A or Option B

Option A

  • MBA 519 Enterprise Risk Management Practicum* (3hrs)
  • MBA 549 Supply Chain Management Practicum* (3hrs)
  • MBA 590 Decision Analytics Practicum (3hrs)

* Faculty must certify all projects done outside of MBA 590 Decision Analytics Practicum.

Option B

  • MBA 545 Decision Analysis Under Uncertainty (3hrs)

Electives: Student must choose one from the below list OR another course from Option A or Option B

  • MBA 511 Data Privacy and Security (formerly called “Networking Infrastructure for E-Commerce”) (3hrs)
  • MBA 521 Advanced Corporate Finance (3hrs)
  • MBA 553 Business Process Design and Analysis (3hrs)
  • MBA 562 Research Methods in Marketing (3hrs)
  • MBA 590 Digital Marketing (3hrs)
  • MBA 590 Healthcare Supply Chain Analytics (3hrs)
  • MBA 590 Data Driven Decision Making (Note: This course is no longer offered, but students may have completed this in the past.) (3hrs)
  • MBA 590 Marketing Analytics (3hrs)

Eligibility and Admissions

All students enrolled in the Jenkins Graduate School of Management are eligible to earn the Decision Analytics Certificate. Jenkins graduate alumni may also be able to enroll on a space-available basis.

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