TEC Certificate

Awarded by The Graduate School, the graduate certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (TEC) is a unique interdisciplinary program that provides students the knowledge, skills and tools needed for bringing technology innovations to market. The curriculum is equally valuable for those seeking to start a new company based on an innovative technology and for those working within an established firm to bring new technologies to the marketplace.



Through this hands-on, project-based teaching model, students will learn and apply a proven structured approach to evaluating technologies, creating and developing product ideas, and constructing business proposals. The curriculum for this certificate program is drawn from the core courses for the Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization Concentration in the Jenkins MBA program. It is taught jointly by faculty in the Poole College of Management’s Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the College of Engineering’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

To qualify for the NC State Graduate TEC Certificate, students must successfully complete 12 credit hours, which currently includes the courses listed below.

  • MBA 570 – Managing the Growth Venture (4 credit hours)
  • MBA/MSE 576 – Technology Evaluation and Commercialization Concepts (4 credit hours)
  • MBA/MSE 577 – High Tech Entrepreneurship (4 credit hours)

Students must achieve a grade of B or better to earn academic credit toward the certificate. No transfer credits or course substitutions will be accepted for this program. The courses must be completed within three years of starting the certificate program to be applied toward the certificate requirements.

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You can also learn more on the TEC Website.

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