Finance Certificate

Awarded by The Graduate School, the graduate certificate in Finance is a unique program that provides students the knowledge, skills and tools needed for making smart financial decisions in the workplace. Using a combination of theory and applied learning, students will come to understand the relationship between capital providers – the households that invest through stocks, bonds and derivatives – and capital markets (stocks and bonds) and capital users (firms). Using real world tools, such as stock price databases and spreadsheet analysis, students see the application of theory in practice.


To qualify for the NC State Graduate Finance Certificate, students must successfully complete 12 credit hours, which currently includes the courses listed below. Once admitted to the program, MBA 520 must be taken as a prerequisite for all other required certificate courses.

A minimum 3.0 GPA (cumulative) is required across all certificate-counting classes.

Required courses:

  • MBA 520  Managerial Finance (2hrs)
  • MBA 501 Financial Accounting (1hr)
  • MBA 521 Advanced Corporate Finance (3hrs)
  • MBA 523  Investment Theory and Practice (3hrs)

One elective course selected from the following list:

  • MBA 524 Equity Valuation (3hrs)
  • MBA 525 Taxes & Business Strategy (3hrs)
  • MBA 526 International Finance (3hrs)
  • ECG 528 Options and Derivatives Pricing (3hrs)

Students must achieve a grade of B- or better to earn academic credit toward the certificate. No transfer credits or course substitutions will be accepted for this program. The courses must be completed within three years of starting the certificate program to be applied toward the certificate requirements. Certificate program classes will be completed as in-person evening or online courses.

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