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TEC Certificate

The Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (TEC) certificate program provides students with a proven approach to evaluating technologies and bringing technology innovations to market.


This track is equally valuable for those who are pursuing a new business venture, centered in the breakthrough technology solutions, as well as those working within an established firm to bring new technologies to the marketplace. Students who complete the TEC certificate are equipped to evaluate technologies, create and develop product ideas, and construct business proposals


The TEC certificate curriculum draws from the core courses of the Technology Entrepreneurship Commercialization (TEC) Concentration in the Jenkins MBA program. 

Classes are taught jointly by faculty in the Poole College of Management’s Department of Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship and the College of Engineering’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

To qualify for the NC State Graduate TEC Certificate, students must complete 12 credit hours, which currently includes the courses listed below.


  • MBA/MSE 576 – Technology Evaluation and Commercialization Concepts (3 hrs)
  • MBA/MSE 577 – High Tech Entrepreneurship (3 hrs)

Additionally, students must select two of the courses listed below:

  • MBA 555 – Product Design and Development (4 hrs)
  • MBA 572 – Venture Opportunity Analysis Analytics (3 hrs)
  • MBA 578 – Venture Launch Practicum (3 hrs)
  • MBA 579 – Entrepreneurship Class Practicum (3 hrs)
  • MBA 590 – Private Equity Venturing (3 hrs)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must achieve a grade of B- or better (a cumulative 3.0 GPA) to earn academic credit toward the certificate. 
  • No transfer credits or course substitutions are accepted for this program. 
  • Students must complete certification courses within four years of starting the program to count toward the certificate requirements. 
  • Students can complete certificate courses during in-person evening courses on the NC State University main campus.

Students should visit the TEC Website to learn more and review the certificate admissions information for additional qualifications and application submission information. 

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