Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization

The Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization curriculum provides graduate students from management and other disciplines across campus the opportunity to engage in all stages of company formation and growth.


Supported by a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers, students are challenged with starting the next generation of high growth ventures

This hands-on concentration pairs student teams with young firms dealing with the challenges of growth and competition. As the Entrepreneurship program progresses, MBA students collaborate with graduate students from other disciplines – including scientists, engineers, and designers – to build a real high-growth start-up business. This cross-functional collaboration produces well-equipped managers with a comprehensive view of an organization and its players.

Since 1995, the Entrepreneurship concentration has raised more than $300 million in funding for our start-up partners. New ventures created through the program have produced more than 250 new jobs. This highly diverse and collaborative model has been adopted by scholars, companies, and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Students will learn how to discover net markets while demonstrating how to create new opportunities and match them with capabilities that haven’t been exploited yet . Students work on projects that bridge emerging technologies with un-met market needs to create product extension and value. The Entrepreneurship Collaborative (TEC) is an on-campus resource available to students that provides a fertile environment for professionals, startups and future entrepreneurs to seek opportunities and meet challenges through collaboration.


This innovative offering focuses on evaluating the commercial potential of technologies and breakthrough discoveries for new and established organizations. MBA students team up with technical graduate students for practicum courses that run through the entire commercialization cycle. The teams work closely with the technology owners and with seasoned entrepreneurs throughout the process.

Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization electives are typically offered on Main Campus.

Full-Time MBA Concentration

MBA 570: Managing the Growth Venture (4)
MBA 576: Technology Evaluation and Commercialization Concepts (4)
MBA 577: High Technology Entrepreneurship (4) *P

Practicum courses are marked with *P

Professional MBA Depth Area

Suggested Electives
MBA 570: Managing the Growth Venture (4)
MBA 576: Technology Evaluation and Commercialization Concepts (4)
Suggested Practicums
MBA 577: High Technology Entrepreneurship (4)
MBA 555: Product Design and Development (4)