Biosciences Management

Biosciences Management focuses on the emerging life sciences industry and its many challenges. This focus combines the scientific and management sides of the business to better prepare you for a career or career advancement in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Due to the collaborative nature of the BioSciences courses, students form a supportive cohort of mentors and peers as they progress through the program.


Biosciences industries are dynamic, complex, and highly entrepreneurial. They require knowledge in diverse areas, including leadership, ethics, innovation and entrepreneurship, and regulatory and budget management. Biosciences Management addresses these and other topics, such as market dynamics of pharmaceutical and biotechnology commerce. Through technological tools, students learn market and data mapping, gaining a competitive market advantage. 


This course of study will prepare students for managerial careers in finance, marketing, supply chain, or research and development functions, working in either established or start-up biotechnology or pharmaceutical firms. Graduates of the Biosciences Management program gain technical knowledge through a research-oriented instruction and practical application of theories. Our students move forward in their careers as Laboratory Managers, Research and Developmental Director, and within other clinical research roles in the life science field. 

Please note that the majority of the classes are offered on NC State’s Main Campus.

Professional MBA Area of Emphasis

Suggested Electives
MBA 585: Current Issues in BioSciences Management (3hrs)
MBA 586: Legal/Market Dynamics in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Commerce (3hrs)
Suggested Practicum Courses
MBA 549: Supply Chain Practicum (3hrs)
MBA 555: Product Design and Development (3hrs)
MBA 577: Technology Evaluation and Strategy (3hrs)