Financial Management

Sound financial practices and financial decision making are vital for the success of corporations, investment firms, and financial institutions.


Students who focus on finance within the Jenkins MBA Program are often data-driven and enjoy creative problem-solving.

They graduate the MBA program with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to engage with the CEO or CFO in their organization in conversations about decision making, budgeting, and project analysis, or, they may go on to careers in investment banking or stock portfolio management. Whatever their career path, students who chose to focus on finance will come away with a solid foundation and real-world experience.

Coursework covers a broad range of topics. Corporate finance courses examine the decisions that companies make in terms of where to spend money, how to raise money, and how to structure themselves financially. Investment management courses build key skills in knowing where to invest, how to invest, how to monitor investments, and how to manage risk in investments.

Students can explore international finance, and how it affects finance, investing, and corporate decisions, while still other courses allow for the management of real stock portfolios, and focus on stock strategies, stock valuation, and managing real dollar stock performance.

There’s always a different way of doing things,” he said. “You can use some creativity to try to create some different tools for solving problems.

Richard Warr, professor of finance

Richard Warr, professor of finance, said students in the program enjoy learning that there are many different ways to solve a problem – it’s not just about a black and white set of rules to follow.

As they build understanding, students are tasked with applying that knowledge in many different contexts, having developed a framework for thinking about problems in the world that involve money. Students may use real-world data in the classroom to learn how to structure a bond portfolio or how to make a corporate finance decision. One course focuses solely on managing a real stock portfolio.

Graduates can expect their finance focus to lend itself to upward mobility and challenging roles ranging from corporate finance to investment management to investment banking. Graduates work in large corporations, managing their firm’s internal and external financial strategies, as well as in investment management firms managing portfolios and investment strategies for clients.


Full-time MBA Concentration

MBA 521: Advanced Corporate Finance (3hrs)
MBA 523: Investment Theory and Practice (3hrs)
Electives (select two of the following)
MBA 524: Equity Valuation (3hrs) *P
MBA 525: Taxes & Business Strategy (3hrs)
MBA 526: International Finance (3hrs)
MBA 590: Financial Modeling (3hrs)


Practicum courses are marked with *P

Professional MBA Area of Emphasis

Suggested Electives
MBA 521: Advanced Corporate Finance (3hrs)
MBA 523: Investment Theory and Practice (3hrs)
MBA 525: Taxes & Business Strategy (3hrs)
MBA 526: International Finance (3hrs)
MBA 590: Financial Modeling (3hrs)
Suggested Practicum
MBA 524: Equity Valuation (3hrs)

SunTrust Wolfpack Focus Fund

The SunTrust Wolfpack Focus Fund (the “Fund”) is managed by students in the Jenkins MBA program who are enrolled in MBA 524- Equity Valuation. The fund was set up using $100,000 donated by Central Carolina Bank, which was subsequently taken over by SunTrust Bank.

Portfolio Background

The portfolio intends to invest two-thirds of its assets in undervalued S&P500 stocks, and one-third in local stocks that are headquartered in North Carolina. The objective is to earn positive risk-adjusted returns. All investment decisions are made by student investment teams.

The steps of this approach are:

  1. Identify S&P500 and North Carolina stocks for analysis. Students are encouraged to use screens based on academic research to identify a subset of stocks for analysis.
  2. Perform rigorous security analysis using various valuation methods.
  3. Recommend which stocks the Fund should invest in.