Full-time Curriculum

NC State uniquely provides you with real world experiences and practical skills – rooted in an innovative curriculum – to grow your career in a technology-driven, global marketplace.


Innovative Curriculum

Building upon the expertise of our noted faculty and extensive partnerships with industry, we deliver a rigorous and highly experiential academic program that is in step with the issues and challenges faced by technology-driven businesses today.

Students take an integrated core curriculum, with a focus on technology, business processes, and practical applications in a collaborative learning environment. Electives and specialized concentrations can be chosen to meet your unique interests and career needs.

For every hour spent in the classroom, students typically spend two to three hours outside of class studying and working in teams.

The Jenkins MBA also offers five dual-degree programs that take advantage of NC State’s top-ranked programs in engineering, design and the sciences, preparing graduates for leadership roles in high-tech firms.

Real Projects and Partnerships

The Jenkins MBA challenges students to become active participants in their education through interaction with faculty, peers, and the business community.

Class simulations and team projects create realistic environments for decision making.

Through our Centers and Initiatives, and partnerships with other disciplines on NC State’s campus and more than 200 companies, students have many opportunities to put learning into practice and gain valuable real-world experience.