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Brian Kelly

Program: Professional Evening
Previous Education: BS Political Science, Appalachian State University

Brian moved to Raleigh 10 years ago to work in the software industry and has since done sales, support, data analysis, and consulting. While successful in establishing a life in Raleigh, with much of his family and friends following him here and finding a church community and a wife, Brian is not happy with ‘good enough’. With good memories of leading as an Eagle Scout and then in undergrad as a Resident Assistant, Student Government Senator, and Hall Council leader, he yearns to known how to be a good leader once again.

While pursuing his MBA, Brian is focusing on earning Finance and Entrepreneurship (TEC) certificates to better position himself to grow in existing organizations, build new ones, and to help others who seek to build their own. Brian wants to see personal growth, but even more so to build and nurture business in the community that can inspire and assist others in their jobs and careers.