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Sarah Millsaps

Program: Full time
Previous Education: BA Anthropology, Wake Forest University

Sarah Millsaps is a second-year MBA student with interest in organizational effectiveness, risk management, and place-making. A Raleigh native, Sarah served on the opening team of Benchwarmers Bagels, an award-winning wood-fired bagel shop, and is part-owner of Bright Spot Donuts, the newest venture from the Benchwarmers team. Through her studies at Jenkins, Sarah has focused on innovative service design, process optimization, and leadership in technology.

Sarah is committed to building resiliency in the next generation of organizations. She is an avid reader and intends to live Poet Rainer Rilke’s imperative: “Live the questions.” Right now, Sarah is living through this question: “As a community, how might we strengthen our muscles of bravery and curiosity so we can stay at the table through conflict and foster belonging?”