Professional Course Sequence

Complete the Professional MBA program in as few as 21 months or as long as 6 years. All students must maintain the requirements for continuous enrollment.

Professional Evening MBA Course Requirements

Core Courses

Core courses are organized into three blocks to maximize faculty collaboration and the application of foundational business concepts:

  • Finance and Markets
  • Analyzing the Value Chain
  • Managing the Organization

The Core is comprised of 19 credit hours, which includes a required 1-hour course in Critical Thinking/Ethics.

Area of Emphasis Requirement

Professional Evening MBA students are required to complete an Area of Emphasis requirement in one of six areas. Students must complete 6 hours of study in one area to satisfy the requirement. 

Visit the Areas of Emphasis page for a list of recommended courses. Please note that one-credit hour courses may not count toward the area of emphasis requirement.

Experiential Learning

All students must complete a practicum course that addresses a real business challenge. Practicum courses are typically 3- or 4-credit hours.

Analytical and Quantitative Skills Development

All students will complete at least one advanced 3-hour quantitative course to ensure Jenkins MBA graduates master the level of analytical and quantitative skill as demanded by the industry.

A list of eligible courses is available on the MBA course descriptions page. Course options that meet this requirement are labeled with an *A.

Raleigh Residencies (MBA 531 Leading People 1 and MBA 532 Leading People 2)

Professional Evening MBA students complete two three-day residencies (MBA 531 Leading People 1 and MBA 532 Leading People 2) over the course of the program to enhance networking and enable hands-on leadership development. The first residency (MBA 531) is completed during the first semester in the program. The second residency (MBA 532) must be completed prior to graduation. Active duty military may waive this residency requirement and substitute other elective courses.

Elective Courses

Professional Evening MBA students will select from a wide variety of elective courses to gain both a depth of knowledge and a broad understanding of general strategic business management. Students will typically complete 9 credit hours of elective courses — apart from the area of emphasis, practicum, and analytical requirements. 

More elective course options information is available on the MBA Course Descriptions page. 

Professional Evening MBA Schedule

The schedule outlined below reflects a standard Professional Evening MBA course schedule for students on the Accelerated Track (21 months). Students work with an academic advisor to create an individual MBA Plan of Work.

Pre-Orientation and Orientation

  • Career Management preparation
  • Pre-orientation assignments, including MBA Math
  • MBA Launch (virtual orientation)

Term One (8 credit hours)

  • Economics (2 hrs) & Financial Accounting (1 hr)
  • Statistics 1 (1 hr) & Marketing (2 hrs)
  • Critical Thinking and Communications (1 hr)
  • Residency #1 (MBA 531 Leading People 1) (1 hr)

Term Two (9 credit hours)

  • Managerial Accounting (1 hr) & Finance (2 hrs)
  • Strategy (3 hrs)
  • Depth course #1 (3 hrs)

Term Three (6 credit hours)

  • Statistics 2 (1 hr) & Operations/Supply Chain Management (2 hrs)
  • Depth course #2 (3 hrs)

Term Four (9 hours)

  • Analytics course (3 hrs)
  • Elective course (3 hrs)
  • Elective course (3 hrs)

Term Five (8 hours)

  • Residency #2 (MBA 532 Leading People 2)(2 hrs)
  • Practicum course (3 or 4 hrs)
  • Elective course (3 hrs)

Course Planning Notes

  • Professional Evening MBA students will complete a mandatory virtual orientation, MBA Launch, several weeks prior to the start of classes.
  • All MBA students are encouraged to complete an international immersion course.
  • Students should refer to the NC State University Calendar
  •  for registration, drop, add, and start dates.
  • Elective course sections will be offered for courses where there is sufficient demand to fill a section and when resources are available to offer an evening section.