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You’re taking MBA classes through the Non-Degree Studies (NDS) program. What’s next?

Find all you need to know about conditional admission through the NDS program, class registration, tuition, and more. Let's get started!

NDS Student Checklist

Please monitor your NC State email often as we will send out important information prior to the start of the semester. In addition to checking your NC State email, there are a few other important steps that you need to take which are outlined below. Should you have any questions about these action items or anything else, please reach out to the Jenkins MBA admissions or advising team.

Apply to the NDS program within two weeks of your conditional admission offer. The NDS program has a separate application and will require a new application fee. Note that the NDS application is much shorter and will require fewer documents. In general, the application review for the NDS program takes about a week from application submission. Note that you can not register for classes until you have submitted the NDS application with all required documents and received notice of admission to the NDS program.

Please send an email to the MBA Office once you have completed the application and have been offered admission to the NDS program.

The decision notification for your NDS application will include your NC State University “Unity ID”, which will allow access to your NC State email. It will also include your Campus ID number (also referred to as your Student ID). This is not to be confused with your Unity ID, which you will receive following submission of all official documentation. View our Admissions FAQs to review the distinction between Campus ID and Unity ID.

Your academic advisor will email you when it is time to start advising and registering for classes. Advising for the spring semester typically begins in early November and in late March for the fall semester. All students will have an advising hold until you talk with your academic advisor. During your advising appointment, you will discuss your plan for the program, including the classes you will take your first semester and any questions you have about taking MBA classes through the NDS program.  Please note that you may not register for classes until you are a fully enrolled and admitted NC State student. Additionally, please know that we have saved seats in the classes that you should take in your first semester so you do not need to worry about getting into your core MBA classes.

Once you have spoken with your academic advisor and developed a plan with regards to your classes, your advisor will register you for your classes. You will need to submit your tuition payment by the indicated due date as per the Cashier’s Office.

NDS Tuition for MBA Classes

Students taking MBA classes through the Non-Degree Studies (NDS) program to satisfy conditional admission requirements will be billed at the MBA premium tuition rate. You may view the tuition rates for MBA classes on the NC State Student Services webpage under the “Graduate – Master of Business Administration” category.

Premium tuition provides funding for the additional resources available, including dedicated MBA staff (academic advisors, career resources, and admissions), an innovative curriculum with corporate partners and renowned faculty, projects and practicum courses with real world applications, and more.

Note that NDS students do not qualify for FAFSA funding and financial aid opportunities may be limited. You may want to consider private loans, non-NCSU scholarships, and speaking with your employer for tuition support options.

NDS Logistics & Requirements

You have been offered provisional admission by the Jenkins MBA program. Please review the NDS logistics and program requirements for details on academic success and course requirements.  Should you have any questions about these action items or anything else, please reach out to the Jenkins MBA admissions or advising team.

You must complete 6 credit hours of graded MBA courses, earning a grade of a B or higher in each class and an overall GPA of a 3.0. You have the opportunity to take up to 8 credit hours of MBA coursework to obtain the required 6 hours with academic success.

You have 3 semesters to complete the 6 credit hours of graded MBA classes with successful academic requirements. Semesters include fall, spring, and summer.

Your MBA application is on hold to allow you time to complete the required MBA coursework for admission consideration. If you do not successfully complete the requirements as a part of provisional admission within the 3 semester time frame, your MBA application review will be terminated.

MBA classes successfully completed through the NDS program as a part of provisional admission will be applied towards the overall degree progress for the MBA program after an offer of full admission. MBA coursework completed as a part of conditional admission will count toward the program’s six year time limit.