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Wolf Sculpture at Reynolds Coliseum; photo by Roger Winstead.

MBA Launch

MBA Launch is your virtual orientation and guide to getting started in the NC State Jenkins MBA Program.

What is MBA Launch?

MBA Launch is a virtual space designed to help you succeed during your time in the program. In this fully online program, you will:

  • Meet your classmates
  • Develop a plan for success for the MBA classroom
  • Learn some of the tools and technology your professors will use in online classrooms and may use in face-to-face classrooms
  • Start thinking about managing your career during and after the MBA program, and
  • Learn NC State processes and procedures

To cover all the materials and complete your required assignments should take you about 15 hours (or less) to complete. The majority of the material is asynchronous (you can complete these on your own time) with a few synchronous sessions, which you’ll need to plan for and which will be listed on the Launch site.

MBA Launch Dates

  • MBA Launch will be available well in advance of your first semester; we will notify you via email with this information.

How do I access MBA Launch?

MBA Launch is hosted through Moodle, the learning management system (LMS) for NC State. You will continue to use Moodle in your classes, so it is a great way to become familiar with the platform.

In order to access Moodle, you will need to have fully matriculated as an NC State student, which means you have committed to the MBA program, satisfied the enrollment deposit requirement and obtained a Unity ID and password. Your Unity ID and Student ID were included in your official acceptance letter from The Graduate School (posted in the online application portal). 

  • To access MBA Launch, go to and login at the top right using your Unity ID and password.
  • Once you are logged in, click on the “Projects” tab in the middle of the page; there, you should see “MBA Launch.”
  • When you click to access the site, you may be taken to another screen about Enrollment Options — simply click continue and login once more through the Student/Faculty/Staff login. This should take you to the Moodle project site for Launch.
  • If you have any issues logging into Moodle, please contact NC State’s Help Desk through this link:

As always, you may contact us anytime at or 919.515.5584.