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Aljure, Daniel

Name: Daniel Aljure
Program: Professional Online MBA
Previous Education: BS, Textiles with concentration in Supply Chain (NC State)

Daniel is a manufacturing engineer by title but likes to think of himself as a bridge between Prototyping and manufacturing with the company’s ability to produce efficiently in mind.  He has been in the Textile industry since graduation serving the automotive and apparel industries, and most recently, production for the outdoor lifestyle.

Originally born in Colombia, South America, Daniel has been living in NC for the last 15 years where he attended NC State for his undergraduate studies.  Daniel resides just outside of campus in Apex with his wife and 2 children and his main emphasis is to create a better environment for them by showing them how to serve others through community engagement.  

Daniel’s intention is to pursue an employer where he can leverage the best version of himself every day and ultimately create a balanced environment where he can serve his God, his Family and his Community.