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Burns, Roger

Name: Roger Burns
Program: Professional Online MBA
Previous Education: Worcester Polytechnic, Computer Science

Roger Burns is a husband, son, father, brother, professional and leader in training. He grew up in Plymouth MA and moved to North Carolina for the weather. He did his undergrad at Worcester Polytechnic (pronounced Wooster or Woostah, but not related to Wooster, OH). He did his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and convinced himself for three years that debugging code and being syntactically correct for a living was for him. He gave up after three years and realized that he liked being a part of the planning and implementation of solutions, not necessarily coding them. He started his transition to a higher level of planning with a position as a business analyst and became addicted to solving larger scale problems.

When he saw the potential in a few business scenarios where good leadership could positively impact outcomes he knew his path moving forward. Applying to NC State’s MBA program was a no brainer as it offered the flexibility to be a continuing part of my family and still learn about management. The future is full of untold possibilities but he knows that in any one of those possibilities he sees himself leading others, creating synergy and helping change the world around us.