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Erika Kido

Program: Full-time MBA
Previous Education: MS Public Health, University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; BA Law, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan

Erika Elizabeth Kido is a second-year MBA student concentrating in Technology and Entrepreneurship Commercialization (TEC) and Innovation Management. Erika has backgrounds in Law and Public Health and has combined 7 years of professional experience with an emphasis on public health education and program development. Her goal is to create sustainable environments to support healthier lives for all. She believes healthier people can be more productive in private lives and in their careers. She has worked and volunteered in 4 different countries where she acquired a strong interest in listening and learning from the local people to develop programs that empower the weakest. Currently, she sits on two NGO boards with fucos on education and she leads the executive committee of the Japanese school in Raleigh.   

Erika joined the MBA program at Jenkins to acquire business and leadership skills to further develop the opportunities for public health and global health initiatives and her career. She is a mom of two little girls and a baby bunny. Her husband and she want their daughters to be strong, independent and kind people to become leaders who care for what matters.