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Fann, Tiera

Name: Tiera Fann
Program: Professional Online MBA
Previous Education: Spelman College, B.A. Sociology

Tiera claims Durham as her hometown, but has had the pleasure of living abroad and other cities around the Southern United States thanks to her U.S. Army Veteran father. She is a proud graduate of Spelman College with a BA in Sociology and has interests in education, management of teams, and non-profit organization structure. She is currently pursuing her MBA in the Jenkins program in order to expand on her skills as a manager and explore new adventures in the world of non-profits. When she isn’t working at the Museum of Life and Science as a Rentals and Events Assistant Manager, Tiera enjoys cooking, traveling, and sewing. As a part of the inaugural group in the McLauchlan Leadership Series, Tiera is excited to meet some dynamic leaders and learn from them.