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Finch Troxler

Degree earned: Full-time MBA
Graduation: 2016
Current title/organization: Global Marketing Manager/ Troxler Electronic Laboratories
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Why did you choose the NC State Jenkins MBA program for your graduate education?

It focused on entrepreneurship and commercialization for engineering fields

How did your experience in the program contribute to your professional achievements and successes?

I learned so much from the TEC program and use it constantly today

What did you enjoy most about your time in the Jenkins MBA program?

The camaraderie of my classmates and the reward for putting in the effort

What do you miss most now that you have graduated?

I miss going to school! Flexible schedules and friends from all backgrounds

What are a few of the most impactful classes/lessons you learned during your time at NC State?

MBA 577 or the TEC program classes

What are your lasting impressions of the Jenkins MBA program?

A great investment for the engineering mind pursuing business opportunities

Could you give a brief explanation of your current line of work, and what has led you to it?

I work for my family business and feel completely prepared to continue to progress towards becoming CEO one day.

What do you believe is your most interesting accomplishment since graduation?

My work with the International Road Federation