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Fitzpatrick, Brendan

Name: Brendan Fitzpatrick
Program: Professional Online MBA
Previous Education: Yale University, B.S., Biomedical Engineering

Brendan is an engineer with biomedical, mechanical, and electrical experience in academic, military, and pharmaceutical environments.  He is currently approaching the end of his first year as a process engineer with Novo Nordisk in Clayton, NC.  In this role, Brendan is responsible for driving process improvement while ensuring regulatory compliance. Before joining Novo, Brendan spent three years with Azimuth, Inc., designing and manufacturing specialized electronics equipment for the military.

As an undergrad, Brendan studied on tissue engineering with a focus on vascular grafts for use in coronary bypass surgery.  While at Yale, he performed chronic pain and autism spectrum disorder research and published several papers.  He is approaching the final semester of his online MBA career and looks to leverage new skills and experience while moving into a more management-focused role.  Brendan hopes that the exposure to a diverse array of disciplines like marketing and accounting will help him relate to more project stakeholders and make him a more well-rounded team member and leader.