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Kashidas, Anjanie

Name: Anjanie Kashidas
Program: Professional Part-Time MBA
Undergraduate Degree: St. John’s University, MA in International Relations & BA in Journalism

Anjanie’s background involves a BA in Journalism and a MA in International Relations from St. John’s University in New York. Her experience has contributed immensely to the reaction and thought process towards business problems. She moved to Raleigh to take on a leadership role as supply chain manager in a small manufacturing organization. Anjanie is involved in activities along the entire value chain and has become passionate about the value that supply chain strategy brings to the business as a whole. This realization drove her to pursue her MBA with a concentration in supply chain with NC State’s Think and Do approach.

Currently, Anjanie is an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional, She also serves as a Professional MBA Delegate, where her responsibilities include planning cohort events and encouraging meet and greets between the vast network of professionals in the triangle area.