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Katie Rosier

Program: Full-Time MBA
Graduation: May 2017
Current title/organization: Global Category Buyer/Caterpillar, Inc.
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Q:  What’s the most fun or enlightening experience you had in the MBA program? 

A: I would have to say that the last semester gave me the opportunity to work with two really awesome teams!  Our core team (Minions) had the chance to work with Fullsteam Brewery on a People Management project, which was very rewarding and gave us a chance to partner with a company that cares about doing. As for our logistics team (Big Capacity), it was being a big part of the best class I had taken in pursuit of my MBA. We had a lot of heated debates, long nights in the library, and several “Introspect of Intellect” sessions, which resulted in me being 100% prepared for my summer internship at Caterpillar.

Q:  What is your career goal?  How did the Jenkins MBA help you get there?

A:  The Jenkins MBA program has taught me the details of my profession; the nuts and bolts of a skillset that I could not develop in the corporate world. Without this program, I would not have had the internship opportunities or networking insight that they created for my personal advancement.