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Kouloglou, Penny

Name: Penny Kouloglou
Program: Full-time MBA
Previous Education:BA Economics and International Business (Istanbul Bilgi University); MA Politics and Economics in Eastern and Southeastern Europe (University of Macedonia); 

Penny Kouloglou is a first-year full-time MBA student, concentrating in Technology and Entrepreneurship Commercialization and pursuing certifications in Supply Chain and Data Analytics. She was born and raised in Greece and moved to the US a year ago. She received the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and she has had the opportunity to work as a project manager for American Farm School of Thessaloniki, a non-profit organization focusing on agribusiness education.

She has worked and lived in Turkey and she has participated in many international workshops around Europe. She is an advocate for human rights education and she volunteers in nonprofit organizations. Her passion is to make the world a better place. Looking ahead, she hopes to make an impact to society through a leadership role at a high-tech company.