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Oscar Llama

Program: Full-time MBA
Previous Education: MS Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas Austin, BS Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas Austin

Oscar Llama is an energy engineer dedicating his time to helping clients reach their sustainability goals.  His passion is developing renewable energy or energy efficiency projects that make economic sense and make a positive impact to the environment.  He has not been on the green side forever. He actually started his career in oil and gas, working out of the oil fields in West Texas. He learned to be extremely appreciative of oil and its vital role in fueling our lives. A few years ago, he took the entrepreneurial and risk-taking abilities of petroleum engineers and decided to make a career change. Understanding that oil was just a bridge to get us to the quality of life we have now, he decided to dedicate his life to sustainability.  He is working towards his MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and finance, and will graduate in May 2021.