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Padmaja Soundararajan

Program:  Full-time
Graduation:  May 2016
Current title/organization: Pricing Analyst, FedEx Services
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Q: What drew you to the Jenkins MBA program? How did the program complement your undergrad studies (or took you in a different direction)?
The close integration of the program with technical capabilities. My undergrad was in Bioinformatics. With a strong statistical and technical background, I wanted my MBA to leverage these skills for better financial and strategic performance of an organization. 

Q: What are some value points gained from your MBA experience and how are you applying what you’ve learned in your current role?
The practicum classes are the best highlight of the program. This feature helped make sure that we worked on real time projects with partners from Research Triangle Park.

Q: Advice for prospective students considering the Jenkins MBA program?
The program’s practicum classes are a great way to ease into the professional setting from school. Do not reserve this opportunity for the last year/semester. Take as many practicum courses as you can. They are the best way to find your passion and interest.