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Priya, Indu

Program: Professional Online MBA
Previous Education: BS Electronics & Communications Engineering, Karnataka University

Indu Priya, a technology and product executive at a leading multinational financial services group with industry-leading product direction impacting strategic leadership direction and spanning innovation.

In her current role, Indu drives teams across geographic locations by empowering solutions focusing on customer success and partner support. Her collaboration with customers to identify product change practices scaled to nurture relations among Top clients contributing to the revenue growth. Indu strongly believes the Jenkins MBA program would help enhance her business skills by enriching innovation knowledge and attributing to vertical success. 

Coming from a background which is culturally vibrant, she is a passionate dancer contributing to various forums and organizations across triangle that supports in giving back to the community, also enjoys hiking and biking as her hobbies, is an advocate of Go Green Project which was initiated with a focus on sustainable reusable products