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Russell-Beck, Tracy

Name: Tracy Russell-Beck
Program: Professional Evening MBA – Main Campus
Previous Education: NC State, B.S. Business Management

With over seven years of experience, Tracy serves as Marketing Manager at Holt Brothers, Inc. and is responsible for creating tailor-made, benefit-driven marketing and communications. Known for getting things done, she takes pride in teamwork and wearing as many hats as she can. By night, Tracy is an eager professional MBA student at NC State. Why did she choose NC State? Well, she recognized the school’s knack for hands-on, real-world learning during her undergraduate tenure at the school. And after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 2008, she knew NC State’s Jenkins MBA was something she wanted to pursue and started the program in 2014. Energized by the program’s unique learning environment and emphasis on leadership and collaboration, obtaining her MBA means being able to contribute more in her current role and growing within the organization.