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Ted Mosler

Name:  Ted Mosler
Program: Professional Evening MBA alum
Occupation:  Chief Technical Officer, EG-GILERO
Previous Education: B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Toledo

For Ted Mosler, the Jenkins MBA program provided all the tools to turn his engineering know-how into a thriving business.

Among budding engineers and inventors, there sometimes exists the notion that startup companies can succeed on the strength of their good ideas alone.

“That’s totally not true,” says Ted Mosler, chief technical officer of EG-GILERO, who credits the Jenkins MBA program at NC State with giving him the “tools in the toolbox” he needed to build his business.

“The idea is only the idea,” he says. “Once [it’s] on paper, there’s a lot of design for manufacturing, design for performance, and then actually producing a product and the costs and complexities that go along with that.”

He lists other essential disciplines and skills — sales, marketing, “finding the channels to promote your products” — and notes that they were among the many things taught in the program that he now applies daily at his own business.

Mosler pursued his MBA while working as an engineer for a medical device company in nearby Creedmoor. Within a year of graduation in 2002, he and two colleagues had founded Gilero Biomedical, which specialized in the design and development of medical devices. Through merger, Mosler’s company is now a vertically integrated biomedical resource EG-GILERO, which operates in the United States and Asia. Mosler serves as CTO and is also an established inventor with more than 50 U.S. and foreign patents to his name.

While at NC State, Mosler was a part of the Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization concentration, that bridges the gap between the laboratory and marketplace. This highly focused experience helped to shape his perspective on design and development.

“It’s all about solving problems,” Mosler says. “You have to understand base technologies, what’s available to you, and how you apply that.”

The program offered more practical help, too. Through the Poole College of Management’s Executives in Residence program, Mosler met the attorneys his company still uses today, and was also able to call on experienced advisors and local venture capital groups. Courses in finance and patent law, meanwhile, granted him deeper insight into the day-to-day business of running a company.

Perhaps the most valuable lessons were in organizational behavior, human resources and teamwork:

“What’s vital for everything I’ve done since [the MBA] is to build a good team — find those complementary skill sets, find out what you’re not good at and try to fill in those holes,” Mosler says.

He believes the thing that truly sets EG-GILERO apart is this holistic business model approach that the Jenkins MBA program taught him:

“There are too many product development firms run by engineers — and I am one — that are really good at the engineering and not so good at the business side,” he says. “I feel like I’ve got a really good grasp on both, and I doubt I would have had that grasp without the MBA background.”

See more about Ted in this video: