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Tom Butler

Program:  Professional Evening MBA
Graduation:  December 2006
Current title/organization: Executive DirectorWW Commercial Portfolio and Product Management, Lenovo
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Q: What drew you to the Jenkins MBA program? How did the program complement your undergrad studies (or took you in a different direction)?
 I like the nature of the program bringing in technically minded individuals, a lot of them coming from companies in Research Triangle Park. This provides the program the balance of a traditional MBA with a technology focus.

Q: What are some value points gained from your MBA experience and how are you applying what you’ve learned in your current role?
My daily role leverages the knowledge and skills I gained from the Jenkins MBA program.  This program will round out individuals coming in with a technical or marketing background that need a stronger business and management skill set.  It really prepares them to become business leaders in their respective careers.

Q: Advice for prospective students considering the Jenkins MBA program?
I highly recommend the Jenkins MBA program to anyone looking for a technology and innovation focused MBA. You gain skills and knowledge that put you ahead of a standard MBA program.