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Venning, Zachary

Program: Professional Online MBA
Previous Education: BS Marketing, Post University 

Upon graduating high school in 2010, Zachary enlisted into the U.S. Army as a Chemical Reconnaissance Specialist to be assigned to Schweinfurt, Germany. Two years into his Germany assignment, Zachary decided to attend The Psychological Operations Assessment and Selection Course to become a member of the United States Special Operations. Following his selection and acceptance into the one-year training course at The John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, Zachary was assigned to work in South-East Asia. There, he advised military officials on non-lethal counterterrorism as well as conducted specialized training with partner military forces.

Upon completion of his contract, Zachary decided to begin his transition into the civilian sector, Zachary aspiring to become an investment banker. He began pursuing his MBA at North Carolina State University concentrating on corporate finance. He was then hired as an investment banking intern in Raleigh through a Depart of Defense program, allowing service members to participate in internships while finishing his contract as an active duty service member.

In his free time, Zachary enjoys watching Formula-1, physical fitness, free diving, and spending time with his wife Annika and son, Valentino.