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Enhance your team’s competitive advantage with Jenkins MBA talent. Immersed in real-world projects from day one, students graduate with the confidence and skills that add immediate value to your workplace.

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With innovative, hands-on courses led by renowned faculty, it’s no surprise that NC State consistently receives high ranks from recruiters, reinforcing the program’s reputation for educating MBA graduates who are prepared to hit the ground running as they launch their post-MBA careers.

We’ve developed strong relationships with more than 200 corporate partners. These businesses choose our students for the mutual benefits that come from sharing knowledge and expertise to solve business challenges.

Harness the power behind a Jenkins MBA education from our pool of talented graduates. By making a smart investment in their future through our rigorous program, Jenkins students have taken the steps needed to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Recruiting-related engagement opportunities are described below, but don’t miss out on our full list of Engagement Opportunities, including mentoring and sponsorships to build your corporate brand.

Networking Events

Provide company representatives an opportunity to continue building relationships with students in a relaxed atmosphere. This is a great way to build camaraderie and connections outside of a traditional interview.

Corporate Presentations

May be an appropriate option for your organization based on your recruiting goals. Contact the Recruiting Coordinator to discuss your recruiting goals.

Company-hosted Office Hours

Enable students and company representatives to connect for informational conversations in a more intimate (1-on-1, 1-on-2) setting. The format is generally more informal than a corporate presentation.

Company Tours/Treks

Enable students to visit a company’s worksite, where students typically are able to participate in a tour, and also meet key individuals for the company. With the treks, multiple facilities or companies may be visited in one day/trip. Treks will typically take place during academic breaks.


Post Internships and Jobs

To post employment opportunities with us, visit our GradLeader website. We can introduce you to some of the brightest minds – achievers who are ready to add value to your team.

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The Poole College of Management Career Center

The Poole College of Management Career Center (CMC) provides education, resources and coaching around leadership development, job search, and internal career advancement.

The CMC establishes and maintains relationships with business partners representing a variety of industries in order to provide the optimal value to employers and MBA students alike.

The CMC supports approximately 500 graduate students across the Jenkins MBA programs and one-year graduate management degrees.