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MBA Student Association

The MBASA provides a chance for students to interact with fellow students, faculty, business leaders, and the surrounding community.

MBA Student Association (MBASA)

The organization offers a series of activities to address professional and business issues that are not generally included in the formal program but are critical to the overall MBA experiences. The MBASA seeks to enhance the educational experience by:

  • Providing social events to unite the student population
  • Bringing together alumni, area business leaders, and MBA students for collaboration
  • Promoting the prestige of the NC State MBA program
  • Creating an opportunity for students to supplement their classroom education
  • Mentoring new MBA students and familiarizing them with the campus and the program
  • Strengthening community ties through outreach activities

Meet the MBASA Board


All it takes to join MBASA is a one time payment of $130.  This payment covers your entire time in the program during which you will be able to participate in MBASA sponsored activities as well as activities through other MBA clubs that are supported through MBASA funds.

Talk to a board member if you are not yet a part of MBASA but would like to join.


MBASA holds elections each year for new board members. Benefits for board members include:

  • $500 conference stipend
  • complimentary tickets to the Shelton Leadership Forum