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By Christine Ferrell

The official website of the GMAT,, featured NC State Jenkins MBA Admissions Director Jen Arthur’s article entitled, “Top 5 things Undergrads can do to get into the MBA program of their choice.” If you are or know an undergrad anxious to apply to MBA programs, this is a must read.

The average work experience of full-time MBA students can vary by program, although most prefer their applicants to have several years of full-time, professional work experience. At NC State’s Jenkins MBA Program, the average work experience for our full-time program is approximately 5 years.

Why is work experience important in a full-time program? Students who come into a program with prior work experience are typically:

  • More attractive to recruiters for internships and jobs
  • Better able to contribute during class discussions
  • More likely to understand the skills they are lacking (and want to gain in an MBA program), and how to apply those new skills in the work environment
  • But what if you want to get started early? Here is a list of the top 5 things you can do now that will help you get into the MBA program of your choice.

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