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Professional Curriculum

With flexible evening courses delivered on our main Raleigh campus or in nearby RTP, you can choose the route that best meets your needs.

Courses designed to fit your life

There is no one-size-fits-all degree here. 

Our core curriculum focuses on technology, research, business processes, and practical applications in a collaborative learning environment.  

Through the practicum course, all Professional Evening MBA students gain valuable on-the-ground work experience from a real company project. Students also have ample opportunity to customize their MBA through 15 hours of elective courses– above and beyond the depth, practicum, and analytical requirements — within the 40-credit hour program.


Evening courses are offered on weekdays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:50 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., depending on the particular course, and meet once a week. Generally, students opt to enroll in courses two nights a week. Students may also take short one-credit hour classes over the course of two Saturdays during the academic term.

During the application process, you’ll choose one base campus between our two locations: Main Campus (Raleigh, NC) and Research Triangle Park. While in the program, you’ll have the flexibility of taking classes on either campus.

Each location offers all core courses, but elective courses are only available at specific campus locations.

Accelerated Path

The accelerated track is an intensive plan that allows students to complete their program in 21 months. The accelerated path is best suited for Professional MBA students who value a timely degree completion above all other factors.

Students on the accelerated path are not likely able to complete an area of emphasis. You will also have more limitations when selecting an elective. You will need to register for an international course or take a class at another campus (RTP, Main Campus, or online) to meet your graduation requirements within the intended timeframe.

Raleigh Residencies (MBA 531 Leading People 1 and MBA 532 Leading People 2)

All Professional Evening MBA students must complete a Virtual Orientation (MBA Launch) and related online modules before the first day of class. Students are required to complete two residencies, MBA 531 Leading People 1 and MBA 532 Leading People 2 during the program.

Each is a credit-bearing 3-day course with students completing their first residency (MBA 531) in the first semester of the program and the second residency (MBA 532), before graduation.

Residencies enhance networking and enable hands-on leadership development. Active duty military may waive their residency and substitute the requirement for other elective courses.