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Professional Evening MBA Advising

The advising team works side by side with our Jenkins MBA students as you journey from admittance to graduation. Our team is dedicated to your academic, professional, and personal success through a collaborative advising process that will assist you in achieving your goals.

Academic Advisor

Deborah Waller Wilkins, Assistant Director of Advising and Student Affairs, is the Academic Advisor for students in the Professional Evening Program. Sign up for an Advising Appointment.

Practicum Requirements

All professional evening students are required to complete at least one practicum course for graduation. Practicum courses vary between 3 to 4 credit hours per class. These hands-on courses are designed to provide you with an experiential learning opportunity by working on real company projects. For a list of practicum courses, you can access the Course Descriptions below – practicum courses are notated with a *P.

Elective Requirements

Students are also required to complete electives, which may vary in topic-area, focus, or specialized area of interest. The number of hours depends on the credits hours of your practicum course. The MBA program provides many 3-hour and 1-hour electives to fulfill your elective requirements.

Creating Your Plan for Completion

Students can choose the best format and timeline for completing the professional evening program based on their academic, professional, and personal needs. We encourage students to speak with their advisor to determine the best path toward completion based on their circumstances.

When deciding on a track, students should expect to spend at least 3-4 hours per credit hour outside the classroom on reading, coursework, group projects, and studying.

Flexible Track

The flexible track gives students the option to create a plan that accommodates their work or other life demands. Some semesters you may take 3 or 4 credit hours while another semester, you may register for more. Students must complete the program within 6 years and maintain the requirements for continuous enrollment as per the  Graduate School’s policy. 

Flexible track students should consult with their advisor to develop a manageable course plan.

Accelerated Track

The accelerated track is an intensive plan that allows students to complete their program in 21 months. The accelerated path is best suited for Professional MBA students who value a timely degree completion above all other factors.

Students on the accelerated path are more limited when it comes to elective and concentration course selection. You will likely have to complete an international course and/or take a class at another campus (RTP, Main Campus, or online) to complete all graduation requirements within the intended timeframe.

Course Planning Tips

A few notes to help in course planning:

  • Professional Evening MBA students must complete a mandatory Virtual Orientation (MBA Launch) and related modules several weeks before the start of classes.
  • It is mandatory that all Professional Evening MBA students complete (2) in-person residency classes to qualify for graduation. Students should plan to take MBA 531 Leading People 1 (Raleigh Residency #1) in their first semester in the program. MBA 532 Leading People 2 (Raleigh Residency #2) must be completed prior to graduation.