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Katie Rosier

Name: Katie Rosier, Full-Time Jenkins MBA Class of 2017
Occupation: Supply Chain Analyst Intern, Caterpillar, Inc.
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Previous Degrees & Institutions: Bachelor of Science, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Northern Arizona University; Associate of Applied Science, Culinary Arts, Scottsdale Community College

Q:  What’s the most fun or enlightening experience you’ve had in the MBA program so far? 

A: I would have to say that this semester has given me the opportunity to work with two really awesome teams!  Our core team (Minions) had the chance to work with Fullsteam Brewery on a People Management project, which was very rewarding, and gave us a chance to partner with a company that cares about doing As for our Logistics team (Big Capacity), it has been a big part of the best class I have taken in pursuit of my MBA. We have had a lot of heated debates, long nights in the library, and several “Introspect of Intellect” sessions, which has resulted in me being 100% prepared for my summer internship at Caterpillar.

Q:  If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach?

A:  I would teach that person how to cook an omelet. Nothing says relationship material like a MBA Graduate that can make you an awesome breakfast. Also, I would teach that person how to laugh uncontrollably, at a really horrible 4th grade level joke. For example:  What do you call a silly snake? Hisssssterical.

Q:  Suppose someone offered you a week’s vacation anywhere on Earth – all expenses paid, no cost to you.  Where would you go, and what would you want to see / experience while you’re there?

A:  Tough question!  I have been planning this “Beatles” tour for a while in my head… visiting England and Germany, to trace the history of their legacy. I would have to add Ireland to the itinerary, for a peek of the Jameson Distillery, and might as well visit Scotland since I am already there … are you sure I only get a week?

Q:  What’s your favorite song to cheer you up, get you pumped up, or ready to face the day?

A:  I’m an 80’s kid. “Eye of the Tiger.” All day, every day. Unless I’m celebrating post-exam, then it’s either Michael Jackson’s Thriller album or Janet Jackson’s Control album. Repeat as necessary.

Q:  What’s your dream job / career goal?  How is the Jenkins MBA helping you get there?

A:  I want to pursue a supply chain/operations/logistics career in the manufacturing, shipping, transportation, or beverage industry. Salary is not my motivating factor; experience is. Offer me a job that is 80% international travel, with benefits and paid vacation, and I will start tomorrow. I want to live out of a suitcase, fire-jumping onto the scene to solve problems as I go. I want to fix things, create things, and never stop learning. I want to mentor others during my career, and leave a positive legacy.

The Jenkins MBA program is teaching me the details of my profession; the nuts and bolts of a skillset that I could not develop in the corporate world. Without this program, I would not have the internship opportunities or networking insight they have created for my personal advancement.