Our applied approach to learning actively integrates teaching, research and engagement to prepare Jenkins MBA students for today’s technology-rich marketplace.

Advancing Innovation

Known for our innovative, cross-curricular teaching model focused on technology and entrepreneurship, the Jenkins MBA faculty is committed to incorporating impactful research into our courses. To date, our quest for uncovering meaningful new knowledge has contributed to NC State investing over $400 million in research expenditures.

More than 500 students have helped real-world start-ups raise $220 million through our HiTEC Program, which brings together NC State graduate students from various disciplines to assess new technologies for commercialization potential.

As part of the Poole College of Management, NC State Jenkins MBA faculty actively engage in research, develop new curricula and engage in outreach activities. Our faculty members regularly contribute to scholarly journals and conference presentations, and are esteemed leaders in their fields. With many students entering the program holding technical, engineering, science degrees and more, we focus on fortifying skill sets through innovative coursework and real-world experience with corporate partners.

More than 200 corporate partners

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