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Welcome to NC State University! Congratulations on taking this exciting step in your career. We look forward to getting to know you and your aspirations.

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As an NC State student, you’re joining more than 30,000 current students who call themselves part of the Wolfpack. With a diverse student body, accessible faculty members and a rigorous learning environment that fosters teamwork and collaboration, your pack mates will soon feel like family.

Nestled in the heart of one of the world’s top-five emerging tech hubs, NC State’s prime location adds to the educational experience by connecting you to an epicenter of research, industry, technology, culture and education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What next steps do I need to take to secure my admission?

1. Submit Final Information to The Graduate School: Before you can be fully admitted, you must submit all final documentation, which includes all official transcripts and any international student document required (if applicable). Following submission The Graduate School will email to you an official decision letter than includes your NC State University “Unity ID.”

2. Submit Enrollment Deposit: If you have not already done so, please complete your Intent to Enroll form and submit your Enrollment Deposit. Instructions for submitting your deposit are available in your official admission email from the Dean of the The Graduate School.

Do I need immunizations?

Your official admission letter from The Graduate School will state that you need to complete an immunization form, but graduate certificate students are NOT required to complete these forms.

What is the difference between Unity ID and Campus ID and Student ID?

Each person affiliated with NC State University is assigned a Unity ID and Unity password. This is included in your official admittance email from The Graduate School.

Please note that your Unity ID is different from Campus ID.

The NC State University Office of Information and Technology (OIT) has a webpage dedicated to describing your Unity ID and Campus ID.

Your Unity ID

  • Has eight or fewer characters
    Examples: eapoe, jddoe4, owinfrey, tseliot2
  • Has letters generated from your initials and last name
  • May end with one or more numerals (if the letters generated for you match those for someone else)
  • Synonyms: Unity username, Unity user ID, Unity login ID

You’ll need your Unity ID and password when you log in to:

  • MyPack Portal
  • Secure Web sites
  • Certain OIT services
  • Other university IT resources

Your Campus ID

  • Has nine numerals (no letters)
    Example: ID # 123456789
  • Follows “ID #” on your NC State University Wolfpack One Card
  • Synonyms: Student ID Number, Employee ID Number, Peoplesoft ID Number

Your Campus ID is also included in the official admit email from The Graduate School, and we will share information with you on how to obtain your Wolfpack One Card in MBA Launch.

What do I need to know about Tuition and Billing?

Students will receive tuition bills via email after they register for classes. The date you receive your E-bill will depend on when you were officially admitted by the Graduate School. Please be sure to add to your list of trusted senders. You may also check your bill by logging in to MyPack Portal. To login, you’ll need your Unity/User ID and password, which is contained in your official acceptance letter from The Graduate School.

You may pay your tuition bill online by credit card (ePay). The University accepts Master Card or American Express. However, Visa or Discover are not acceptable methods of payment. For more information, please see Payment Options. Please refer to the Cashier’s Office for information about due dates.


Do I need to get a parking pass for RTP or Nelson Hall?

No. You can park in the deck at 1 Park Drive in RTP at any time, or in the Dan Allen Parking Deck beside Nelson Hall, after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays without a parking pass.

How do I access Moodle?

Input information about Moodle.

Where can I find the NC State University academic calendar?

Questions About:

  • Your parking pass? Contact Transportation Office: 919-515-3424
  • Vaccines and immunizations? Contact Student Health Services: 919-515-2563
  • Getting disability accommodations for classes? Contact the Disability Services Office: 919-515-7653
  • Joining the MBA Student Association? Contact President Gavin Hough at or Vice President Amanda Cox at
  • Technology or Email? Call the NCSU Help Desk at 919-515-HELP
  • Your student ID card? Call the WolfPack One Card Office at 919-515-3090
  • Your tuition bill? Call the Cashier’s Office at 919-515-2986
  • Your transcripts? Call the Graduate School at 919-515-2871
  • Your faculty and staff? Click here.
  • The MBA Office? Click here. 
  • Veteran using Education Benefits? Contact the Veteran’s Education Office at You can also visit their website for step by step instructions on how to apply for VA benefits.
  • Financial Aid? Call the Scholarships & Financial Aid office at 919-515-2421
  • Your visa, immigration status, or living in the U.S.? Contact the Office of International Services at 919-515-2961. You can also visit their website for a list of frequently asked questions.