Admitted Certificate Students

Congratulations on taking this exciting step in your career! Find all you need to know about registration, tuition, and more on this page. Let's get started!

During your time in the Jenkins Graduate Certificate program, you can expect to gain knowledge and grow your career. You will also have opportunities to put classroom learning into practice. Perhaps most importantly, we deliver a top-ranked, high-value experience to maximize your return on investment.

Enrollment and Registration Checklist

  • Review All Email from NC State University. You should have already received an email from the Jenkins Graduate Certificate program recommending you for admission. Your official admission letter from The Graduate School Dean will soon be posted in your online application portal. This letter will include your Campus ID number (also referred to as your Student ID). Please review the Office of Information Technology page for important details on using university logins and refer to the Unity ID section at the bottom of the page.
  • Submit Final Documentation to The Graduate School: Before you can be fully admitted to the Jenkins Graduate Certificate program, you must submit all final documentation, which includes all official transcripts and any international student documents required (if applicable).
  • Advising and Course Registration: Certificate courses will be held in the evening at the NC State Main Campus in Nelson Hall. Although students may be able to take distance education courses in subsequent semesters, it is required that the first set of classes be taken in person. Your academic advisor will contact you to discuss registration information prior to your first semester, but you may find the list of required courses for Jenkins certificate degree completion on the Certificate Programs website. Your academic advisor will be your point person for any course specific questions you may have. In the meantime, please review the NC State University academic calendar for semester dates.
  • Parking Pass: Parking on campus after 5:00 PM is free in many areas, including the Dan Allen Parking Deck.  It is not recommended that students enrolled in the Jenkins Certificate programs purchase a parking pass.  


Students will receive tuition bills via email after they register for classes. Please be sure to add to your list of trusted senders. You may also check your bill by logging in to MyPack Portal. To login, you’ll need your Unity/User ID and password, which is contained in your official acceptance letter from The Graduate School.

Tuition rates will depend on residency status, credit hour registration per semester, and graduate enrollment.

  • Current Graduate Students: If you are currently a graduate student at NC State in another degree program, you will be charged tuition based on your current graduate program tuition rate. You may review rates on the Cashier’s Office website.  If you complete your current degree prior to the certificate program, your tuition rate will convert to the MBA program rate for any remaining courses.
  • New Graduate Students: If you are not currently enrolled in a graduate program at NC State, you will be charged tuition based on the MBA program rate (Main Campus location).  You may review rates on the Cashier’s Office website (Master of Business Administration section). Please note that semester rates will vary depending on credit hour enrollment.  The current estimated average cost to complete the certificate in 4 semesters at in-state rates is $24,000.
  • Financial Aid Resources:

Laptop Computer Requirements

The Jenkins Graduate Certificate programs requires that all students own or have access to a laptop computer. For more information and additional NC State recommendations on laptop purchases, please see: NC State Computer Recommendations

Additional Unity ID and Campus ID Information

  • Your Unity ID
    • Has eight or fewer characters (Examples: eapoe, jddoe4, owinfrey, tseliot2)
    • Has letters generated from your initials and last name
    • May end with one or more numerals (if the letters generated for you match those for someone else)
    • Synonyms: Unity username, Unity user ID, Unity login ID
  • Your Campus ID
    • Has nine numerals (no letters)
      Example: ID # 123456789
    • Follows “ID #” on your NC State University Wolfpack One Card
    • Synonyms: Student ID Number, Employee ID Number, Peoplesoft ID Number

Contact for Questions and Assistance

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 919-515-5584 or review the resources below: