Here you will find all graduation information including a summary of commencement events, how to apply for graduation, how to order and purchase all of your graduation necessities, and more.

All MBA students will receive an email from the program office in the early part of the semester with details about that semester's graduation process. Please be sure to check your NCSU email account as well as read the weekly updates for important announcements about graduation.

Students planning on graduating in the current semester should follow the steps below.

Graduation Events and Ceremonies

INAUGURAL Hooding Ceremony and Reception for May 2018 Graduates
We are planning the first ever hooding ceremony for all May 2018 Jenkins College of Management masters and doctoral students – this event will be held the afternoon of Thursday, May 10th. We will also host a reception for the graduate students, as well as their families and guests, immediately following the conclusion of the hooding ceremony. An invitation with all of the details, as well as a request for RSVPs will be sent to students’ emails – please watch for it!

Note: Commencement Ceremonies take place in December or May ~ Summer graduates are eligible to walk in either of the ceremonies. 

May 2018 Graduation Events

Date Time Event Location
May 10th 1pm Doors open
2pm Ceremony begins
4-5:30pm Reception
Jenkins Hooding Ceremony and Reception
Master’s cap, gown, hood and tassel required
Tickets required for guests
Meymandi Hall
Paid parking available
May 11th 4-5:30pm Chancellor’s Reception Park Alumni Center
May 12th  9am NC State University Ceremony
Master’s cap, gown, hood and tassel required
No tickets needed
PNC Arena
May 12th immediately following
NCSU ceremony
Poole College Ceremony
Master’s cap, gown, hood and tassel required
No tickets needed
PNC Arena

Please be advised that if you plan to participate in any of the graduation ceremonies you will need to refer to all graduation announcements on the links provided. These links will be updated as information becomes available to include where and when to meet for the ceremonies as well as any and all other important details.

Graduation Checklist for May 2018

Those students planning to complete MBA coursework and graduate in May 2018 must complete the following steps by Thursday, March 15th.

Step One: “Apply to Graduate” in MyPack Portal

To apply to graduate in your MyPack Portal please follow the instructions: 

    1. Select your Student Homepage
    2. Select the Planning & Enrollment tile
    3. From the left-hand navigation menu, select ‘Apply for Graduation’
    4. Select the ‘Apply for Graduation’ link under the intended program
    5. Select your intended graduation term from the dropdown
    6. Click ‘Continue’
    7. Verify all graduation data and select ‘Submit’

The following message will display on the next screen: “You have successfully applied for graduation.”

This must be filled out by the student! (A survey will pop up, not a part of our requirement but we do recommend that you complete it)

Make privacy information adjustments – Names of graduating students will not be published in the graduation program or in any official press release if the student has a privacy setting preventing such release. Students must ensure that their “privacy settings” in the MyPack Portal indicate their intention for inclusion in or exclusion from these publications. Check with Registration and Records for help completing this step. Deadline to remove the privacy block is March 30th, 2018.

Step Two: Please fill out the Patent Agreement online through MyPackPortal.


  • Student self service > Academic Records > Graduate Plan of Work (please click on the patent agreement tab)
  • Read the text and check the “I Agree” box.
  • Once you select the “I Agree” box, the date, time, and your unity ID will show to indicate the Patent Agreement has been completed.

Step Three: Please fill in or update your Graduate Plan of Work (POW). 

Step Four: Complete the following questionnaire:

Graduation Questionnaire: This questionnaire takes about 5 minutes of your time and is not anonymous. We collect your contact information (for alumni affairs) so we can keep up with you post-graduation and your career progression information (which we will aggregate for statistical purposes).

In mid-April an email will be sent to those students who completed all of the steps above.


Graduation FAQs

Preparing for Graduation

What do I need to do to prepare for Graduation?

Graduating students should follow the four steps in the Graduation Checklist above. The MBA Office will also send out an email to graduating students regarding graduation requirements, graduation clearance and graduation activities. Therefore students should continue to check their ncsu email to make sure they receive this important information.

How can I order graduation invitations?

Graduation Announcements may be ordered at any time online at the NC State Bookstores website. Samples are also on display in Wolfpack Outfitters and WolfXpress (both in the Talley Student Center).

My family is requesting a visa to come to my Graduation. Is there a formal letter sent to them?

An invitation letter isn’t a required document for a visa appointment, but most families like to have something with them when they go to their appointments so we encourage students to write the letter themselves and then have it notarized before sending it to their families. OIS has notaries that are free, but the student needs to call their office to schedule an appointment with them. They also have an example of an invitation letter on their website that students can use as a guide.

When is the latest I can get my cap and gown from bookstore?

Graduates are able to go to the bookstore through the day before graduation.  If graduates want to customize then they need to talk directly to the Bookstore.

The Graduation Ceremony

Do I need to wear a cap and gown to the Graduation Ceremony?

Yes, students are required to wear the full graduation regalia to any ceremony they attend. Master’s students are required to wear a master’s gown, cap, tassel, and master’s hood. Caps, gowns, and other graduation apparel can be ordered through the NC State Bookstores website or at the Wolfpack Outfitters in the Talley Student Center.

Am I required to attend the Graduation Ceremony?

No, students can choose which ceremonies they want to attend. The NC State University Graduation Ceremony is for the entire graduating student body while the Jenkins Hooding Ceremony is for only graduate students in the College of Management. Students attending the Jenkins Hooding Ceremony will have their name announced while being hooded on stage – this does not take place at the larger NC State ceremony nor during the Poole College of Management ceremony.

How long do the ceremonies last?

The NC State Commencement Ceremony will last about 3 hours depending on the number of students in attendance. We estimate that the Jenkins Hooding Ceremony will last about two hours.

Where can my handicap family member sit during the ceremony?

Ushers will be available to help guests with seating at the hooding ceremony in Meymandi Hall.

For those attending the NC State university-wide ceremony, handicapped seating is located as indicated throughout the arena. Please review the PNC Arena handicapped seating map courtesy of Ticketmaster. Handicapped seating beneath sections 108 and 130 is not available during graduation. Guests must enter on the main concourse level. There is no handicapped seating available on the floor level during graduation as the ground floor is reserved for graduation candidates.

After Graduation

When will I know I have officially graduated?

Students following the directions above will be on track for having their degree conferred, pending current semester grades. Grades are not always posted at the time of graduation, therefore participation in graduation ceremonies does not ensure your degree is complete. Once all grades are posted, Registration and Records will confer your degree and it will post on your transcript. This usually happens a few weeks after the end of the semester. To check on your degree, you can view your unofficial transcript in MyPack Portal. For questions about your degree posting please contact the Office of Registration and Records (919-515-2572).

When should I order a transcript if I want my degree to show?

Once all grades are posted, Registration and Records will confer your degree and it will post on your transcript. This usually happens a few weeks after the end of the semester. Students can order a transcript but choose to have it held until your degree is conferred. Choose this option when ordering a transcript if you need your degree to show on that transcript to ensure it is not sent before it is posted.

When will I get my diploma?

December graduates: Final clearance for candidates other than Doctoral is late January. All diplomas will be mailed to the address the student listed as their “Diploma or Home/Mailing address” in their MyPack Portal mid-February.

May graduates: Final clearance for candidates other than Doctoral is mid-June. Students who have been cleared for graduation prior to the graduation date will receive their diplomas by the last week in June. Students who are cleared late will receive their diplomas by the second week in July. All diplomas will be mailed to the address the student listed as their “Diploma or Home/Mailing address” in their MyPack Portal.

For questions about your diploma please contact the Office of Registration and Records (919-515-2572).

Can my diploma list my nickname?

Diplomas will have the students’ primary name.  In order to change your name, you must have official documentation. Documentation needs to be submitted to Registration and Records.

Can I change the address of where to send diploma?

Graduates can change the address with Registration and Records.