December 2018 Graduation

Graduation Events and Ceremonies

Date Time Event Location
Tuesday, December 18th 4-5:30pm Chancellor’s Reception Park Alumni Center
Wednesday, December 19th  9am start NC State University Ceremony
Master’s cap, gown, hood and tassel required
No tickets needed
PNC Arena
Wednesday, December 19th 11:30am start Poole College Ceremony
Master’s cap, gown, hood and tassel required
No tickets needed
PNC Arena
Wednesday, December 19th immediately following
Poole College ceremony;
reception will end by 3pm
Reception for all Jenkins Graduates
No tickets needed;family and friends are invited
NC State University Club

Please be advised that if you plan to participate in any of the graduation ceremonies you will need to refer to all graduation announcements on the links provided. These links will be updated as information becomes available to include where and when to meet for the ceremonies as well as any and all other important details.

Graduation Checklist for December 2018

Those students planning to complete MBA coursework and graduate in December 2018 must complete the following steps by Wednesday, October 31st.

Step One: “Apply to Graduate” in MyPack Portal

To apply to graduate in your MyPack Portal please follow the instructions: 

    1. Select your Student Homepage
    2. Select the Planning & Enrollment tile
    3. From the left-hand navigation menu, select ‘Apply for Graduation’
    4. Select the ‘Apply for Graduation’ link under the intended program
    5. Select your intended graduation term from the dropdown
    6. Click ‘Continue’
    7. Verify all graduation data and select ‘Submit’

The following message will display on the next screen: “You have successfully applied for graduation.”

This must be filled out by the student! (A survey will pop up, not a part of our requirement but we do recommend that you complete it)

Make privacy information adjustments – Names of graduating students will not be published in the graduation program or in any official press release if the student has a privacy setting preventing such release. Students must ensure that their “privacy settings” in the MyPack Portal indicate their intention for inclusion in or exclusion from these publications. Check with Registration and Records for help completing this step. Deadline to remove the privacy block is November 7th.

Step Two: Please fill out the Patent Agreement online through MyPackPortal.


  • Student self service > Academic Records > Graduate Plan of Work (please click on the patent agreement tab)
  • Read the text and check the “I Agree” box.
  • Once you select the “I Agree” box, the date, time, and your unity ID will show to indicate the Patent Agreement has been completed.

Step Three: Please fill in or update your Graduate Plan of Work (POW). 

Step Four: Complete the following questionnaire:

Graduation Questionnaire: This questionnaire takes about 5 minutes of your time and is not anonymous. We collect your contact information (for alumni affairs) so we can keep up with you post-graduation and your career progression information (which we will aggregate for statistical purposes).

In early November an email will be sent to those students who completed all of the steps above.